photo-(14)After reading several positive reviews online about using Skype in the classroom, I decided to expand our horizons and venture forth into the world. My plea on Twitter yielded a link to Around the World With 80 Schools.

We were able to make contact with a school that was looking for a Skype partner.  We had an opportunity to engage in our “first ever” Skype meeting with the Brindavan Vidyalaya ICSE School in Tamilnadu, India.   They are currently working on a project about comparing and sorting the differences of physical appearance between linked partners.  During the call we shared information about our physical appearances, favorite foods, and music.  The students at the Brindavan school put on performances for us of a song called “I am Different.”  During the second Skype call performance they put on masks.

We enjoyed the meeting so much we Skyped again.  This time we had exchanged lists of questions in advance.  (It made it much easier for ME since my children were a bit “Skype Shy” and wanted to be prepared.) We asked questions about their location and climate.  We had already learned that their time zone was very different from ours.  The children were excited to stay up past 11pm!   I think what surprised my children the most was that it did not snow where they live.  I’ve asked my children to write posts on their blogs about their experience.  If you have a few moments to write, I’m sure they would enjoy getting comments on their personal blogs.

I have also joined in hopes of connecting with other classrooms.  Please contact me by posting a comment if you would like to include us in your school project or if you have any other resources available for us to explore working on projects with other classrooms.